Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPM (1710)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Declarations of War, Manifestos, and other Publick Papers, Relating to Peace and War, Among the Potentates of Europe, from 1648 to the present Time. Vol. [I]. London: J. Darby für Andrew Bell, E. Sanger 1710 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 19-21.

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§§ 62 - 66 IPM

  [§ 62 IPM = Art. VIII,1 IPO] LXIV. And to prevent for the future any Differences arising in the Politick State, all and every one of the Electors, Princes and States of the Roman Empire, are so establish'd and confirm'd in their antient Rights, Prerogatives, Libertys, Privileges, free exercise of Territorial Right, as well Ecclesiastick as Politick, Lordships, Regales, by virtue of this present Transaction; that they never can or ought to be molested therein by any whomsoever upon any manner of pretence.  
  [§ 63 IPM = Art. VIII,2 IPO] LXV. They shall enjoy without contradiction, the Right of Suffrage in all Deliberations touching the Affairs of the Empire; but above all, when the Business in hand shall be the making or interpreting of Laws, the declaring of Wars, imposing of Taxes, levying or quartering of Soldiers, erecting new Fortifications in the Territorys of the States, or reinforcing the old Garisons; as also when a Peace or Alliance is to be concluded, and treated about, or the like, none of these, or the like things shall be acted for the future, without the Suffrage and Consent of the Free Assembly of all the States of the Empire:
Above all, it shall be free perpetually to each of the States of the Empire, to make Alliances with Strangers for their Preservation and Safety; provided, nevertheless, such Alliances be not against the Emperor, and the Empire, nor against the Publick Peace, and this Treaty, and without prejudice to the Oath by which every one is bound to the Emperor and the Empire.
  [§ 64 = Art. VIII,3 IPO] LXVI. That the Diets of the Empire shall be held within six Months after the Ratification of the Peace; and after that time as often as the Publick Utility, or Necessity requires. That in the first Diet the Defects of precedent Assemblys be chiefly remedy'd; and that then also be treated and settled by common Consent of the States, the Form and Election of the Kings of the Romans, by a Form, and certain Imperial Resolution [!]; the Manner and Order which is to be observ'd for declaring one or more States, to be within the Territorys of the Empire [!], besides the Manner otherways describ'd in the Constitutions of the Empire; that they consider also of re-establishing the Circles, the renewing the Matricular-Book, the re-establishing suppress'd [!] States, the moderating and lessening the Collects of the Empire, Reformation of Justice and Policy, the taxing of Fees in the Chamber of Justice, the due and requisite instructing of ordinary Deputys for the advantage of the Publick, the true Office of Directors in the Colleges of the Empire, and such other Business as could not be here expedited.  
  [§ 65 IPM = Art. VIII,4 IPO] LXVII. That as well at general as particular Diets, the free Towns, and other States of the Empire, shall have decisive Votes; they shall, without molestation, keep their Regales, Customs, annual Revenues, Libertys, Privileges to confiscate, to raise Taxes, and other Rights, lawfully obtain'd from the Emperor and Empire, or enjoy'd long before these Commotions, with a full Jurisdiction within the inclosure of their Walls, and their Territorys: making void at the same time, annulling and for the future prohibiting all Things, which by Reprisals, Arrests, stopping of Passages, and other prejudicial Acts, either during the War, under what pretext soever they have been done and attempted hitherto by private Authority, or may hereafter without any preceding formality of Right be enterpris'd. As for the rest, all laudable Customs of the sacred Roman Empire, the fundamental Constitutions and Laws, shall for the future be strictly observ'd; all the Confusions which time War have, or could introduce, being remov'd and laid aside.  
  [§ 66 IPM = Art. VIII,5 IPO] LXVIII. As for the finding out of equitable and expedient Means, whereby the Prosecution of Actions against Debtors, ruin'd by the Calamitys of the War, or charg'd with too great Interests, and whereby these Matters may be terminated with Moderation, to obviate greater Inconveniences which might arise, and to provide for the publick Tranquillity; his Imperial Majesty shall take care to hearken as well to the Advices of his Privy [!] Council, as of the Imperial Chamber, and the States which are to be assembled, to the end that certain firm and invariable Constitutions may be made about this Matter. And in the mean time, the alledg'd Reasons and Circumstances of the Partys shall be well weigh'd in Cases brought before the Sovereign Courts of the Empire, or subordinate ones of States, and no body shall be oppress'd by immoderate Executions; and all this without prejudice to the Constitution of Holstein.  

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