Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPM (1710)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Declarations of War, Manifestos, and other Publick Papers, Relating to Peace and War, Among the Potentates of Europe, from 1648 to the present Time. Vol. [I]. London: J. Darby für Andrew Bell, E. Sanger 1710 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 21-22.

englisch 1710


§§ 67 - 68 IPM

  [§ 67 IPM = Art. IX,1 IPO] LXIX. And since it much concerns the Publick, that upon the Conclusion of the Peace, Commerce be re-establish'd, for that end it has been agreed, that the Tolls, Customs, as also the Abuses of the Bull of Brabant, and the Reprisals and Arrests, which proceeded from thence, together with foreign Certifications, Exactions, Detensions; Item, The immoderate Expences and Charges of Posts, and other Obstacles to Commerce and Navigation introduc'd to its Prejudice, contrary to the Publick Benfit here and there, in the Empire on occasion of the War, and of late by a private Authority against its Rights and Privileges, without the Emperor's and Princes of the Empire's consent, shall be fully remov'd; and the antient Security, Jurisdiction and Custom, such as have been long before these Wars in use, shall be re-establish'd and inviolably maintain'd in the Provinces, Ports and Rivers.  
  [§ 68 IPM = Art. IX,2 IPO] LXX. The Rights and Privileges of Territorys, water'd by Rivers or otherways, as Customs granted by the Emperor, with the Consent of the Electors, and among others, to the Count of Oldenburg on the Vis[u]rg, and introduc'd by a long Usage, shall remain in their Vigour and Execution.
There shall be a full Liberty of Commerce, a secure Passage by Sea and Land: and after this manner all and every one of the Vassals, Subjects, Inhabitants and Servants of the Allys, on the one side and the other , shall have full power to go and come, to trade and return back by virtue of this present Article, after the same manner as was allow'd before the Troubles of Germany; the Magistrates, on the one side and on the other, shall be oblig'd to protect and defend them against all sorts of Oppressions, equally with their own Subjects, without prejudice to the other Articles of this Convention, and the particular Laws and Rights of each place.

Vertragstext 1648
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