Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 376-377.

englisch 1713


Artikel II IPO

  [Art. II IPO = § 2 IPM] II. That there be on both sides a perpetual Oblivion and Amnesty of all that has been done since the beginning of these Troubles, in what Place or in what Manner soever Hostilities may have been exercis'd by the one or the other Party; so that neither for any of those things, nor upon any other Account or Pretext whatsoever, any Act of Hostility or Enmity, Vexation or Hindrance shall be exercis'd or suffer'd, or caus'd to be exercis'd, either as to Persons, Condition, Goods or Security, either by one's self or by others, in private or openly, directly or indirectly, under form of Right of Law, or by open Deed, either within, or in any Place whatsoever without the Empire, notwithstanding all former Compacts to the contrary; but that all Injuries, Violences, Hostilities and Damages, and all Expences that either side has been oblig'd to be at, as well before as during the War, and all Libels by Words or Writing shall be entirely forgotten, without any regard to Persons or Things; so that whatever might be demanded or pretended by one against another upon this account, shall be bury'd in perpetual Oblivion.  

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