Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 378-390.

englisch 1713


Artikel IV IPO

  [Art. IV,1 IPO = § 7 IPM] IV. Now altho it may be easily perceiv'd by the preceding general Rule, who they are that are to be restor'd, and in what measure, yet the Parties were willing at the Instance of certain Persons, to mention some other Causes of the greatest Importance, in the following manner; so that they who are not expresly, or not at all nam'd or retrench'd, are not therefore reckon'd to be omitted or excluded.  
  [Art. IV,2 IPO ± § 10 IPM] The Cause of the Palatine House has first of all been discuss'd by the Assembly of Osnabrug and Munster; so that the Contest which has been so long depending, has been terminated in the following manner.  
  [Art. IV,3 IPO = § 11 IPM] 1. As to what concerns the House of Bavaria, the Electoral Dignity which the Electors Palatine formerly had, with all the Regal Rights, Offices, Precedencies, Ornaments, and other Rights whatsoever appertaining to that Dignity, without any Exception; as also the Upper Palatinate, and the County of Cham, with all their Regal Rights, other Rights, and all their Appurtenances, shall remain, as formerly, so for the future, to Maximilian Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, his Children, and the whole Gulielmine Branch, so long as there shall remain Male Princes.  
  [Art. IV,4 IPO = § 12 IPM] 2. On the other hand, the Elector of Bavaria shall intirely renounce for him, his Heirs and Successors, the Debt of thirteen Millions, and all Pretensions upon the Upper Austria; and shall immediately, after the Conclusion of the Peace, give up to his Imperial Majesty all Acts thereupon obtain'd, that they may be made void and null.  
  [Art. IV,5 IPO = § 13 IPM] 3. And as to what concerns the Palatine Family, the Emperor and Empire do consent, out of regard to the publick Tranquillity, That by virtue of the present Convention an eighth Electorate be establish'd, which the Lord Charles Lewis, Count Palatine of the Rhine, and his Heirs descending from the Rodolphine Line, shall enjoy and possess, according to the Order of Succession express'd in the Golden Bull; but neither the said Lord Charles Lewis, nor his Successors, can have any other Right than the simultaneous Investiture, in what was formerly given with the Electoral Dignity to the Elector of Bavaria, and the whole Gulielmine Branch.  
  [Art. IV,6 IPO = § 14 IPM] 4. That the whole Lower Palatinate, with all and every the Ecclesiastical and Secular Goods, Rights and Appurtenances, which the Electors and Princes Palatine enjoy'd before the Troubles of Bohemia; as also all the Documents, Registers, Accounts, and other Acts depending thereupon, shall be entirely restor'd to him, annulling all that has been done to the contrary; which shall be effected by the Imperial Authority: So that neither the Catholick King, nor any other possessing any of them, may in any manner oppose this Restitution.  
  [Art. IV,7 IPO = § 15 IPM] 5. Now forasmuch as certain Bailliages of Bergst[r]at, appertaining of old to the Elector of Mentz, were ingag'd in the year 1463. to the Counts Palatine for a certain Sum of Mony, on condition of perpetual Redemption; it is therefore agreed, that these same Bailliages shall return and remain to the Lord the Elector of Mentz, who fills the See at present, and to his Successors in the Archbishoprick of Mentz; provided that the Price and Ingagement voluntarily offer'd be paid in ready Mony, within the fix'd term of the execution of the Treaty, and that he satisfy the other Conditions to which he is oblig'd by the Tenor of the Act of Ingagement.  
  [Art. IV,8 IPO = § 16 IPM] 6. That the Elector of Treves, in quality of Bishop of Spires, and the Bishop of Worms, shall also be at liberty to sue, before competent Judges, for the Rights which they pretend to upon certain Ecclesiastical Revenues, in the Territory of the said Palatinate, if those Princes do not amicably agree among themselves.  
  [Art. IV,9 IPO = § 17 IPM] 7. If the Gulielmine Male Line should become intirely extinct, and the Palatine Line continue, not only the Upper Palatinate, but likewise the Electoral Dignity, whereof the Dukes of Bavaria are in possession, shall return to the said surviving Counts Palatine, who shall at the same time enjoy the simultaneous Investiture, and then the eighth Electorate shall remain entirely extinct and bury'd; but the Upper Palatinate in that case returning to the surviving Counts Palatine, the Actions and Benefits which of Right appertain to the Heirs Allodial of the Elector of Bavaria, shall be preserv'd to them.  
  [Art. IV,10 IPO = § 18 IPM] 8. That the Family-Compacts made between the Electoral Family of Heidelberg, and that of Newburg, which were confirm'd by former Emperors, touching the Electoral Succession, as also the Rights of the whole Rodolphine Line, in so far as they are not contrary to the present Disposition, shall be entirely preserv'd and maintain'd.  
  [Art. IV,11 IPO = § 19 IPM] 9. If it can be made appear by a competent legal Proof, that any Fiefs of the Country of Juliers are not ingag'd, they shall be evacuated for the benefit of the Electors Palatine.  
  [Art. IV,12 IPO = § 20 IPM] 10. Besides, in order to discharge in some measure the Lord Charles Lewis from his Obligation to his Brothers for Appennage, his Imperial Majesty shall appoint four hundred thousand Rixdollars to be paid to his said Brothers in the Term of four Years, reckoning from the beginning of the next Year 1649. at the rate of a hundred thousand Rixdollars a year, with Interest at 5 l. per cent.  
  [Art. IV,13 IPO = § 21 IPM] 11. Moreover, that the whole Palatine Family, with all and every one who are or have been any way attach'd to it, more especially the Ministers who have been imploy'd for it in this Assembly, or elsewhere, as also those who are banish'd from the Palatinate, shall enjoy the General Amnesty above specify'd, with an equal Right, and as fully as others who are compriz'd in the said Amnesty and this Transaction, particularly with regard to Grievances.  
  [Art. IV,14 IPO = § 22 IPM] 12. The Lord Charles and his Brother[s] shall reciprocally pay Obedience, and observe Fidelity to his Imperial Majesty, as well as the other Electors and Princes of the Empire; and as well he as his Brother[s] shall renounce for them and their Heirs the Upper Palatinate, as long as there shall be lawful Heirs Male of the Gulielmine Branche.  
  [Art. IV,15 IPO = § 23 IPM] 13. Now whereas it has been provided to allow a Subsistence for the Widow-Mother to the said Prince, and to secure a Portion to the Sisters of the said Prince, his Imperial Majesty, as a Mark of his Affection to the Palatine Family, has promis'd to pay once for all twenty thousand Rixdollars for the Subsistence of the said Widow, Mother to the said Prince, and ten thousand Rixdollars to each of the Sisters of the said Lord Charles Lewis upon their Marriage; and the said Lord Charles Lewis shall be oblig'd to make up the remainder.  
  [Art. IV,16 IPO = § 24 IPM] 14. That the said Lord Charles Lewis, and his Successors to the Lower Palatinate, shall not in the least molest the Counts of Lainingen and Daxburg, but shall suffer them peaceably and quietly to enjoy and make use of their Rights, obtain'd by them many Ages ago, and confirm'd by the Emperor.  
  [Art. IV,17 IPO = § 25 IPM] 15. That he shall inviolably allow the free Nobility of the Empire in Franconia, Swabia, and along the Rhine, as also the Countries belonging to the said Nobility, to remain in the state they are in at this present.  
  [Art. IV,18 IPO = § 26 IPM] 16. That the Fiefs confer'd by the Emperor upon Baron Gerhard of Waldemburg, call'd Schenkhern; upon Nicolas George Reigersberg, Chancellor of Mentz, and Henry Brombser, Baron of Rudesheim; as also by the Elector of Bavaria upon Baron John Adolphus Wolff, call'd Metternich, shall remain to them entire: However these Vassals shall be oblig'd to take an Oath of Fidelity to the said Lord Charles Lewis as their Dominus directus, and to his Successors, and demand of him the Renewal of their Fiefs.  
  [Art. IV,19 IPO = § 27 IPM] 17. That those of the Confession of Augsburg, who were in possession of Churches, and among the rest the Burgesses and Inhabitants of Oppenheim, shall be preserv'd and maintain'd in the Ecclesiastical State of the Year 1624. and that it shall be allowable for others who are willing to embrace the Exercise of the Augsburg Confession, to practise it, as well publickliy in the Churches at set Hours, as in private in their own Houses, or other Places appointed for that end by their Ministers of the Divine Word, or by those of their Neighbours.  
  [Art. IV,20 IPO ← § 28 IPM] 18. Prince Lewis Philip, Count Palatine of the Rhine, shall recover all the Countries, Dignities and Rights, as well in Ecclesiasticals as Temporals, which fell to him by his Ancestors by Succession and Share, before this War.  
  [Art. IV,21 IPO ← § 28 IPM] 19. Prince Frederick, Count Palatine of the Rhine, shall receive and retain the fourth part of the Customs of Wiltsbach, as also the Cloister of Hornsbach, with the Appurtenances, and the whole Right which his Father had and possess'd there formerly.  
  [Art. IV,22 IPO ← § 28 IPM] 20. That Prince Leopold Lewis, Count Palatine of the Rhine, shall be fully re- establish'd in the County of Veldentz upon the Moselle, in the same State, as to Ecclesiasticals and Temporals, as his Father possess'd it in the Year 1624. notwithstanding all that has been attempted to the contrary.  
  [Art. IV,23 IPO = § 29 IPM] 21. The Difference between the Bishops of Bamberg and Wirtzburg, and the Marquiss of Brandenburg, Culmbach and Onoltzbach, touching the Castle, City, Bailliage and Monastery of Kitzingen upon the Mayn in Franconia, shall be terminated in the space of two Years by an amicable Accommodation, or by summary legal Methods, upon pain of the Recusant's losing his Pretension: In the mean while, the Fortress of Wiltzburg shall be restor'd to the said Lords the Marquisses, in the same state it was in when it was deliver'd by Agreement and Stipulation.  
  [Art. IV,24 IPO ← § 31(2) IPM] 22. The House of Wirtemberg shall remain peaceably in the recover'd Possession of the Bailliages of Weinsberg, Neustadt, and Meckmukle; and it shall be likewise re- establish'd in all the Goods and Rights which it possess'd any where before these Troubles; and among others, the Bailliages of Baubeuren, Achalm, and Stauffen, with their Appurtenances, and the Goods possess'd upon pretence that they depended thereon, especially in the Town and Territory of [G]oppingen, and the Village of Pflumeren, the Revenues whereof were piously founded for the maintaining and upholding the University of Tubingen. That House shall also recover the Bailliages of Heidenheim and Oberkirch, as also the Towns of Balingen, Tutlingen, Ebingen, and Rosenfeld, the Castle and Village of Neidlingen, with their Appurtenances; and likewise Hohentwell, Hohenasperg, Hohenaurach, Hohentubingen, Albeck, Hornberg, Schiltach, with the Town of Schorndorf. In like manner shall be restor'd the Collegiate Churches of Stutgard, Tubingen, Hernberg, Goppingen and Bachnang; as also the Abbies, Provostships, and Monasteries of Bebenhausen, Mau[l]bron, Anhausen, Lorch, Adelberg, Denkendorf, Hirschau, Blaubeuren, Herprechtingen, Murhard, Albersberg, Koningsbrun, Herrenalb, St. George, Reichenbach, Pfulligen, and Lichtenstern, or Mariencron, and the like, with all the Documents which have been drawn from thence; saving nevertheless and reserving all the Rights, Actions, Exceptions, and the Benefits pretended by the House of Austria and that of Wirtemberg upon the Bailliages of Blaubeuren, Achalm, and Stauffen.  
  [Art. IV,25 IPO ~ § 32 IPM] 23. The Princes of Wirtemberg of the Montbeliard Branch shall in like manner be re- establish'd in all their Domains situated in Alsace and elsewhere, and namely in the two Fiefs of Upper Burgundy, Clerval and Passavant; and shall be restor'd by both Parties to the same States, Rights, and Prerogatives, and especcially to their immediate Dependance upon the Roman Empire, which they enjoy'd before the beginning of these Troubles, and which the other Princes and States of the Empire do or ought to enjoy.  
  [Art. IV,26 IPO = § 33 IPM] 24. And as to the Affair which relates to the Family of Baden, it has been agreed in the following manner:
Frederick Marquiss of Baden and Hochberg, and his Sons and Heirs, with those who have done or do him service, of whatsoever Name or Condition they be, shall enjoy the Amnesty above-specify'd, in the second and third Articles, with all their Clauses and Advantages; and by virtue thereof they shall be fully re-establish'd in the same state, as well to Spirituals as to Temporals, in which the Lord George Frederick, Marquiss of Baden and Hochberg, was before the Rise of the Commotions in Bohemia, as well with respect to the lower Marquisate of Baden, which is commonly call'd Baden-Dourlach, as to the Marquisate of Hochberg, and the Seigneuries of Rott[e]len, Badenweiler, and Saussemberg, notwithstanding all the Changes whatsoever that have happen'd to the contrary, which for that effect shall remain void and null.
Next the Bailliages of Stain and Renchingen, which were granted to William Marquiss of Baden, with all the Rights, Titles, Papers, and other Appurtenances, shall be restor'd to the Marquiss Frederick, without any Burden of Debts contracted during that time by the said William Marquis of Baden, upon account of the Fruits, Interests, and Expences born by reason of the Transaction pass'd at Etlingen in the Year 1629. so that all that whole Action concerning the Expences and Fruits laid out and spent, with all Damages and Interests, shall be entirely abolish'd and extinct, reckoning from the time of the first Occupation. The annual Subsidy which the lower Marquisate was wont to pay to the upper Marquisate, shall be also entirely extinct, bury'd, and annul'd, by virtue of these Presents; so that from henceforth no one may demand any thing on that score, either for the time past or for the future.
The Precedency shall for the future be alternative between these two Branches of Baden, viz. that of the lower and that of the upper Marquisate, in the Dyets and Assemblies of the Circle of Swabia, and at all the general or particular Assemblies of the Empire, or any other whatsoever; however for the present the Precedency shall remain to the Marquiss Frederick as long as he lives.
  [Art. IV,27 IPO = § 34 IPM] 25. As to what relates to the Barony of Hohengerolseck, it has been agreed, That if the Lady the Princess of Baden can sufficiently prove by authentick Records and Titles, the Rights by her pretended to in the said Barony, Restitution thereof shall be made her immediately after Sentence thereupon given, with all the Rights appertaining to her by virtue of the said Titles; provided however the Contest be terminated in the space of two Years, reckoning from the Day of the Publication of the Peace: and for that reason no Actions, Transactions, Exceptions, or Clauses general or special (from which Derogation has been made expres[s]ly and for ever upon that score) shall be alledg'd or admitted, at any time on either side, against this special Convention.  
  [Art. IV,28 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 26. The Duke of Croy shall enjoy the Effect of the general Amnesty; nor shall the Protection of the most Christian King turn to his prejudice in any wise, as to his Dignity, Privileges, Honours and Goods, or in any other respect whatsoever. He shall likewise peaceably possess that part of the Domain of Winstingen which his Ancestors possess'd, even as the Lady Dowager his Mother possesses it at this present; saving the Rights of the Empire in the same state they were before these Troubles, with regard to Winstingen.  
  [Art. IV,29 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 27. As to the Difference of Nassau-Siegen against Nassau-Siegen, the Matter having been remitted by an Imperial Commission in the Year 1643. to an amicable Accommodation, the same Commission shall be resum'd, and the Affair entirely decided in an amicable manner, as is said, or by a judicial Sentence before a competent Judg; and Count John of Nassau and his Brothers shall remain without any trouble in the Possession by them taken for their Shares.  
  [Art. IV,30 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 28. To the Counts of Nassau-Sarbruck shall be restor'd all their Counties, Bailliages, Territories, Honours, and all their Goods Ecclesiastical and Secular, Feudal and Allodial; namely, the Counties of Sarbruck and Sarwerden entirely, with every thing depending thereupon, as also the Fortress of Hombourg, and the Pieces of Artillery and Movables that were found there; saving on both sides respectively the Rights, Actions, Exceptions, and Benefits of Law which are to be determin'd according to the Laws of the Empire, as well upon the account of things adjudg'd to the Revisor by Sentence the 7th of July 1629. as for the Damages sustain'd, if the Parties are not rather inclin'd to accommodate the Matter amicably: saving also the Rights which may appertain to the Counts of Lainingen and Daxburg in the County of Sarwerden.  
  [Art. IV,31 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 29. The House of Hanau shall be re-establish'd in the Bailliages of Baubbenhaussen, Bischofsheim, Amsteeg [!], and Wi[l]stat.  
  [Art. IV,32 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 30. John Albert Count of Solms shall in like manner be resettled in the fourth part of the Town of Butzbac, and in the four adjoining Villages.  
  [Art. IV,33 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 31. To the House of Solms-Hohensolms shall also be restor'd all the Goods and Rights whereof it was despoil'd in the Year 16[3]7. notwithstanding the Transaction thereupon made with the Lord, George Landgrave of Hesse.  
  [Art. IV,34 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 32. The Counts of Isemburg shall also enjoy the general Amnesty inserted above in the second and third Articles; saving the Rights which George Landgrave of Hesse, or any other third Person may pretend against them, and against the Counts of Hohensholms.  
  [Art. IV,35 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 33. The Rhingraves shall be resettled in their Bailliages of Troneck and Wildemburg, and the Seigneury of Morchingen, with their Appurtenances; as also in all their other Rights, usurp'd by their Neighbours.  
  [Art. IV,36 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 34. The Widow of Count Ernest of Sayn shall be also resettled in the Possession of the Castle, Town, and Bailliage of Ha[c]hemburg, with their Appurtenances, and the Village of Bendorf, where she liv'd before she was dispossess'd of it; saving however the Right, to whom it shall appertain.  
  [Art. IV,37 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 35. The Castle and County of Flackenstein shall be restor'd to whom of right it appertains. All the Right likewise which appertains to the Counts of Rasburg, sirnam'd Lowenhaupt, upon the Bailliage of Bretzenheim, Fiefs of the Archbishoprick of Cologne, and upon the Barony of Repoltz-Kirch in Huntsriich, shall be maintain'd and preserv'd to them.  
  [Art. IV,38 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 36. The House of Waldeck shall in like manner be resettled in the Possession of all its Rights in the Domain of Didinghausen, and in the Villages of Nordernaw, Lichtenschied, Defeld, Nidern[s]chleidern, as it enjoy'd the same in 1624.  
  [Art. IV,39 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 37. Joachim Ernest of Oettingen shall be restor'd to all the Goods Ecclesiastical and Secular, which his Father Eberhard possess'd before these Troubles.  
  [Art. IV,40 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 38. In like manner the House of Hohenloe shall be resettled in all that was taken from it, chiefly in the Domain of Weickersheim, and in the Cloyster of Scheffersheim, without any exception, especially of Retention.  
  [Art. IV,41 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 39. Frederick Lewis Count of Louvenstein and Wertheim shall be resett[l]ed in all his Counties and Domains, which during this War have been sequester'd and granted to others, as well in Temporals as in Spirituals.  
  [Art. IV,42 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 40. Ferdinand Charles Count of Louvenstein and Wertheim shall in like manner be restor'd to all that was sequester'd, confiscated, and granted to his defunct Relations George Lewis, and John Casimir, and others, as well to Temporals as to Spirituals; saving nevertheless the Goods and Rights which belong to Mary Christina, Daughter to the said George Lewis of Louvenstein, in the Inheritance of his Father and Mother, in which she shall be resettled. The Widow of John Casimir of Louvenstein shall likewise be restor'd to her Portion and mortgag'd Goods; saving the Right of Count Frederick Lewis, if he has any Claims upon the said Goods, which shall be su'd for in an amicable way and by Composition, or in the lawful Course of Justice.  
  [Art. IV,43 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 41. The Count of Erbach, and especially the Heirs of Count George Albert, shall be resettled in the Castle of B[r]euberg, and in all the Rights which they have in common with the Count of Louvenstein, as well with relation to his Garison and Command, as upon the account of other Civil Rights.  
  [Art. IV,44 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 42. The Widow and Heirs of the Count of Brandenstein shall enter into possession of all the Goods and Rights which were taken away from them upon the account of the War.  
  [Art. IV,45 IPO ← § 35 IPM] 43. Paul Baron Kervenhuller, with his Nephews by his Brother, Heirs to the Chevalier Loffler; the Children and Heirs of Mark Conrard of Rheilingen; as also Hierom of Rheilingen, shall be entirely resettled, every one in his due place, in every thing that was taken from them by Confiscation.  
  [Art. IV,46 IPO = § 36 IPM] 44. Contracts, Exchanges, Transactions, Obligations, and Promises illegally extorted, by Violence and Threats, either of States or Subjects, which Spire, Weissemburg upon the Rhine, Landau, R[e]utlingen, Hailbron, and other places complain of; as also Causes and Suits bought or given over to another, shall be abolish'd and annul'd: so that it shall not be lawful for any Person to commence an Action or Process upon that score. And if Debtors have extorted from Creditors, by Force or Fear, their Bonds and Obligations, they shall be all restor'd; the Actions grounded thereupon remaining in full score.  
  [Art. IV,47-48 IPO = § 37(1)-(2) IPM] 45. If Debts on account of Purchase, Sale, or annual Revenues, and others of what name soever, have been extorted by Violence out of spite and malice of the Creditors, by either of the Parties engag'd in War, there shall be no Execution decreed against the Debtors, who shall alledg and offer to prove that Violence has really been done them, and that they have really and indeed paid; provided those Exceptions shall not have been decided after a full Hearing of the Cause. 46. The Suits which shall commence upon that score, shall be terminated in the space of two Years, reckoning from the Day of the Publication of the Peace, on pain of perpetual Silence in the case, to be enjoin'd contumacious Debtors; but the Suits hitherto commenc'd against them upon that account, together with the Transactions and Promises made for the future Restitution to Creditors, shall be suppress'd and abolish'd; saving nevertheless the Sums of Mony that have been paid bona fide for others during the War, to avert the greatest Dangers and Damages wherewith they were menac'd.  
  [Art. IV,49 IPO = § 38 IPM] 47. The Sentences pronounc'd in time of War touching Matters purely Secular (if the Defect of the Process do not evidently appear, of if it cannot be made out presently) shall not be altogether null, but shall be suspended and ineffectual, until the Evidences and Proofs (if either Party demands to have them revis'd within six Months after the Conclusion of the Peace) be review'd and examin'd in good and due Form, before competent Judges, in the ordinary or extraordinary manner us'd in the Empire: and thus Sentences shall be confirm'd or corrected, or, in case of Nullity, totally revers'd and made void.  
  [Art. IV,50 IPO = § 39 IPM] 48. And altho since the Year 1618. some Fiefs, whether royal or private, have not been renew'd, nor Homage paid in the mean while in name of the true Proprietors; yet that shall not turn to the prejudice of any one whatsoever: but the time for demanding the Investiture thereof, shall commence from the Day of the Conclusion of the Peace.  
  [Art. IV,51 IPO = § 40 IPM] 49. In fine, all and every one, as well Officers and Soldiers, as Counsellors and Judges, Civil and Ecclesiastical, of what Name and Condition soever they be, who have lifted themselves on either side, and sought for them or for their Allies and Adherents, whether with the Sword or with the Pen, from the highest to the lowest, without any difference or exception, together with their Wives, Children, Heirs, Successors and Servants, shall be resettled on both sides, as well with regard to their Persons as Goods, in the same state of Life, Reputation and Honour, Conscience and Liberty, Rights and Privileges, which they enjoy'd or could have enjoy'd before the said Commotions: and no hurt shall be done to their Persons or Goods upon that score, nor any Action or Pretext of Action commenc'd or laid against them; and far less shall they suffer any Punishment or Damage under any pretext whatsoever. All which things shall have their full and entire Effect absolutely, with regard to such as are not Subjects or Vassals to his Imperial Majesty, or to the House of Austria.  
  [Art. IV,52 IPO = § 41 IPM] 50. And as for those who are hereditary Subjects and Vassals to the Emperor and the House of Austria, they shall truly enjoy the same Amnesty as to their Persons, Life, Honour, and Conscience; and shall have liberty to return to their Country, on condition that they behave themselves according to the Laws in use in the said Kingdoms and Provinces.  
  [Art. IV,53 IPO ± § 42 IPM] 51. As to what concerns their Goods, if they have been lost by Confiscation, or in any other manner, before the Owners declar'd for Sweden or France (altho the Swedish Plenipotentiaries insisted very vigorously and long that they should be restor'd, yet) they shall remain lost, and confiscated for the Benefit of those who at present possess them; nothing being to be prescrib'd to his Imperial Majesty in this matter, nor otherwise transacted, because of the constant Contradiction of the Imperialists; and the States not having judg'd it for the Service of the Emperor to continue the War upon that score only.  
  [Art. IV,54 IPO ± § 43 IPM] 52. However the Goods which have been taken from them afterwards, for having taken up Arms for Sweden or France, against the Emperor and the House of Austria, shall be restor'd to them in the same Condition they are at present; yet without any Reparation for the Fruits consum'd, and the Expences and Damages occasion'd.  
  [Art. IV,55 IPO = § 44 IPM] 53. For the rest, if Creditors or their Heirs professing the Augsburg Religion, Subjects of the Kingdom of Bohemia, or of any other of the Emperor's Hereditary Provinces, commence a Suit upon private Pretensions, supposing them to have any, Right and Justice shall be done them as well as to the Roman Catholicks.  
  [Art. IV,56 IPO = § 45 IPM] 54. Nevertheless, from this general Restitution shall be excepted such things as cannot be restor'd or represented, such as Movables, Things Personal, Fruits consum'd, Things destroy'd by Authority of the Parties engag'd in War, as also publick and private, sacred and profane Edifices, which have either been thrown down, or converted to other Uses for the publick Safety; as well as publick and private Pledges, which, upon a prospect of Hostility, have either been confiscated or legally sold, or voluntarily given away.  
  [Art. IV,57 IPO = § 46 IPM] 55. And forasmuch as the Affair concerning the Succession of Juliers might for the future excite great Troubles among the interested, if they were not prevented; it is therefore agreed, That it shall be terminated without delay after the Peace is concluded, either by an ordinary Procedure before his Imperial Majesty, or by an amicable Accomodation, or by some other legal Method.  

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