Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 425-430.

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Artikel XI IPO

  [Art. XI,1 IPO # IPM] XI. In order to give an equivalent Compensation to the Lord Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, who, to advance the General Peace, gave up the Rights which he had upon the hither Pomerania, Rugen, and the Provinces and Places thereto annex'd; the Bishoprick of Halberstadt, with all its Rights, Privileges, Regalian Rights, Territories, and Goods Ecclesiastical and Secular, by whatever name they are call'd, without any exception, shall be yielded in perpetual and immediate Fief of the Empire by the Emperor, with Consent of the States of the Empire, and especially of those concern'd, after the Peace shall be concluded and ratify'd betwixt the two Crowns and the States of the Empire, to the said Elector and his Male Successors, Heirs and Cousins of the Father's side: among others to Marquiss Christian William, formerly Administrator of the Archbishoprick of Magdeburg; Christian of Culmbach, and Albert of Onoltzbach, and their Successors and Heirs Male; and that the foresaid Elector shall be presently put in the peaceable and real possession of that Bishoprick, and have on that score a Seat and Voice in the Imperial Dyets, and in the Circle of Lower Saxony.
But he shall leave Religion and the Ecclesiastical Goods in the same state that they were regulated by the Archduke Leopold William, in the Convention made with the Chapter of the Cathedral: But so that notwithstanding that, the Bishoprick shall remain hereditary to the Elector and to his whole House, and to his Male Relations of the Father's side above-mention'd, their Successors and Heirs Male, in the order they ought to succeed to one another, without any Right remaining to the Chapter, in Election and Presentation, or in the Government of the Bishoprick, or any other thing thereunto appertaining; but the said Elector, and the rest according to the Order of succeeding, shall enjoy in that Bishoprick the same Right and Power which the other Princes of the Empire enjoy in their Territories; and it shall also be lawful for them to extinguish the fourth part of the Canonicates (except the Provostship, which shall not be included in that number) according as those of the Confession of Augsburg, who possess them at present, come to die, and to incorporate the Revenues thereof into the Episcopal Mannor. And if there should not be Canons enough of the Confession of Augsburg to make the fourth part of the whole Body, when the Provostship is excepted, it shall be supply'd out of the number of the Catholicks who shall come to die.
  [Art. XI,2 IPO # IPM] As also forasmuch as the County of Hohenstein (for that part of it which is a Fief of the Bishoprick of Halberstadt, consisting of the two Bailliages of Lora and Kletenberg, and of some other Burghs, with the Goods and rights thereto appertaining) was reunited after the Death of the last Count of that Family, to that Bishoprick, and possess'd ever to this time by the Archduke Leopold William, as Bishop of Halberstadt; the said County shall also remain irrevocably united to that Bishoprick, with free liberty to the said Elector to dispose of it as hereditary Possessor of the Bishoprick of Halberstadt, notwithstanding all Contest, of what Force or Authority soever it be, or by whomsoever form'd.  
  [Art. XI,3 IPO # IPM] The said Elector shall also be oblig'd to maintain the Count of Tattembach in possession of the County of Rheinstein, and to renew the same Investiture which the Archduke confer'd upon him with Consent of the Chapter.  
  [Art. XI,4 IPO # IPM] There shall also be yielded by his Imperial Majesty, with Consent of the States of the Empire, to the foresaid Elector, for him and his Successors above-mention'd in perpetual Fee, and in the same manner that the Bishoprick of Halberstadt was, the Bishoprick of Minden, with all its Rights and Appurtenances, for the said Elector and his Heirs and Successors, to be put in the real and peaceable possession thereof, immediately after the Conclusion and Ratification of the present Pacification, and on that score the said Elector shall have a Seat and Voice in the general and particular Dyets of the Empire, as well as in those of the Circle of Westphalia; saving to the City of Minden its Immunities and Rights, in things sacred and profane, and its entire and mix'd Jurisdiction in Criminal and Civil Causes; especially the Right of Banlieuë, and the Exercise of that Jurisdiction granted, and, for the time being, accepted; as also the other Rights, Immunities and Privileges which lawfully appertain to it, according to antient Usage; on condition however, that the Hamlets, Villages and Houses which belong to the Prince, Chapter and the whole Clergy, and the Order of Knights, which are respectively situated in the Territory, and within the Walls of the City, shall be excepted; and for the rest, the Right of the Prince and of the Chapter shall remain inviolable.  
  [Art. XI,5 IPO # IPM] In like manner the Bishoprick of Camin shall be yielded and given over by the Emperor and the Empire to the foresaid Elector and his Succcessors, with the same Rights and in the same manner as the Bishopricks of Halberstadt and Minden have been dispos'd of above; with this difference only, That in the Bishoprick of Camin the foresaid Elector shall be at liberty to extinguish all the Canonicates, after the death of the present Canons, and thus to add and incorporate in the time the whole Bishoprick with further Pomerania.  
  [Art. XI,6 IPO # IPM] The foresaid Elector shall in like manner have the Reversion of the Archbishoprick of Magdeburg, yet in such a manner, that when it shall become vacant, either by the Death of the present Administrator Augustus Duke of Saxony, or by the Administrators succeeding to the Electorate [!], or in fine, by any other means, the whole Archbishoprick with all the Territories thereto appertaining, Regalian and other Rights, according to the manner of disposing of the Bishoprick of Halberstadt as above, shall by yielded and given in perpetual Fief to the foresaid Elector, and his Successors, Heirs and Cousins Male of the Father's side, notwithstanding all Election and Presentation which might be secretely or publickly made during that time; and he and they shall have Right to take the Possession of it, when vacant, by their own proper Authority.  
  [Art. XI,7 IPO # IPM] In the mean time the Chapter, with the States and Subjects of the foresaid Archbishoprick, immediately after the Conclusion of the Peace, shall be bound to oblige themselves for the future by Oath, to pay Fidelity and Subjection to the foresaid Elector, to his whole Electoral House, and to his Successors, Heirs and Cousins Male by the Father's side.  
  [Art. XI,8 IPO # IPM] His Imperial Majesty shall renew to the City of Magdeburg, at the Instance by it most humbly made to him, its antient Liberty and Privilege, granted to it by Otho I. dated the 7th of June, 940. altho the same be lost thro the Injury of Time; as also the Privilege of fortifying it, granted by the Emperor Ferdinand II. which Privilege extends half a German League, with all Jurisdiction and Property; in like manner its other Privileges shall remain in their force and inviolable, as well with relation to Ecclesiasticals as Temporals, with a Clause inserted, importing, that Suburbs shall not be built in prejudice of the City.  
  [Art. XI,9 IPO # IPM] As to what concerns the four Bailliages or Prefectures of Querfert, Guterbok, Dam and Bork, since they have been already yielded to the Elector of Saxony, they shall likewise remain in his Power, however with this Reserve, that the Elector of Saxony shall for the future contribute to the Collections of the Empire and of the Circle, the Quota which has been contributed until this day for the said Bailliages; and the Archbishoprick shall be discharg'd of it, and express mention thereof shall be made in the Matricula of the Empire, and of the Circle.
And in order to repair in some measure the Diminution of the Revenues belonging to the Chamber and Mannor of the Archbishop arising from thence, not only the Prefecture of Eglen, which formerly belong'd to the Chapter, is given and yielded to the Elector of Brandenburg, and his Successors, to possess the same, and enjoy the full Right thereof, immediately after the Conclusion of the Peace (and the Suits commenc'd on that score some years ago by the Counts of Barby remaining extinct and bury'd) but likewise when he shall have obtain'd the possession of the Archbishoprick, to extinguish the fourth part of the Canonicates of the Cathedral, when they shall become vacant by Death, and to apply the Revenues thereof to the Archiepiscopal Chamber.
  [Art. XI,10 IPO # IPM] The Debts formerly contracted by the present Administrator Augustus Duke of Saxony, shall not be clear'd out of the Revenues of the Archbishoprick, in case it be vacant or devolve, in the manner already specify'd, to the Elector of Brandenburg, and his Successors; nor shall it be allow'd to the Administrator to charge for the future the foresaid Archbishoprick with new Debts, Alienations and Ingagements in prejudice of the Elector, and of his Successors and Relations Male.  
  [Art. XI,11 IPO # IPM] The competent Rights and Privileges shall also be preserv'd to the States and Subjects of the foresaid Archbishoprick and Bishoprick, especially the Exercise of the Confession of Augsburg, as it is at present; and what has been transacted and agreed in the matter of Grievances, between the States of the Empire of the one and the other Religion, shall not be less regarded (in so far as they shall not be contrary to the Regulation above in the Vth Article of Grievances, §. 8. which begins, The Archbishopricks, Bishopricks, and other Ecclesiastical Goods, etc. and ends with these words, and to this Transaction.) than if they were inserted here word for word, and the foresaid Archbishopricks and Bishopricks shall belong to the Elector and the House of Brandenburg, and to his Successors and Heirs by the Father's side for ever, with hereditary and immutable Right, in the same manner that they have a Right over their other hereditary Lands.
And as to what concerns the Title or Quality, it has been agreed, that the foresaid Elector, with the whole House of Brandenburg, and all and singular the Marquisses of Brandenburg, shall be call'd and qualify'd Dukes of Magdeburg, and Princes of Halberstadt and Minden.
  [Art. XI,12 IPO # IPM] Her Majesty of Sweden shall also restore to the foresaid Elector, for him, his Successors, Heirs and Relations Male by the Father's side; in the first place the rest of the further Pomerania, with all its Appurtenances, Goods, Ecclesiastical and Secular Rights in full Property, as well for the Dominium utile, as for the Dominium directum. In the second place, the City of Colberg, with the whole Bishoprick of Camin, and the whole Right which the Dukes of the further Pomerania formerly had in the Collation of Dignities and Prebendships of the Chapter of Camin; but so that the said Rights granted above to her Majesty of Sweden, shall entirely remain to her, and that the said Elector shall confirm and preserve, in the best manner possible, to the States and Subjects in the restor'd part of the further Pomerania, and in the Bishoprick of Camin, at the renewing and paying of Homage, their competent Liberty, and their Goods, Rights and Privileges, to enjoy them perpetually without any Trouble, according to the Tenor of the Reversal Letters (which the States and Subjects of the said Bishoprick are likewise to enjoy, as if they had been directly granted to them) with the free Exercise of the Confession of Augsburg, in so far as it has not been chang'd.  
  [Art. XI,13 IPO # IPM] In the third place, all the Places which are at present possess'd by the Swedish Garisons, upon the Borders of Brandenburg.  
  [Art. XI,14 IPO # IPM] In the fourth place, all the Commanderies and Goods belonging to the Order of the Knights of St. John, situated without the Territories which were granted to her Majesty and the Crown of Sweden, together with the Acts, Registers, and other Documents and original Papers which concern those places, and those Rights which are to be restor'd. And as to the common Papers which concern both the hither and further Pomerania, and which are either in the Archives or Chartularies of the Court of Stetin, or elsewhere, without or within Pomerania, Copies thereof shall be given in good and due Form.  

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