Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 430-432.

englisch 1713


Artikel XII IPO

  [Art. XII,1 IPO # IPM] XII. As to what concerns Adolphus Frederick Duke of Meckleberg-Schwerin, on account of the Alienation of the Town and Port of Wismar, it has been agreed, that he shall have for him, and his Heirs Male, in perpetual and immediate Fee, the Bishopricks of Schwerin and Ratzburg (saving to the House of Saxony L[au]enburg, and other Neighbours, as also to the said Diocess, the Right which regards them of both sides) with all the Rights, Documents, Titles, Archives, Registers, and other Appurtenances, and even the Power of extinguishing the Canonicates of the two Chapters, after the Decease of the present Canons, in order to apply all the Revenues thereof to the Ducal Mannor; and that he shall have on that score a Seat in the Assemblies of the Empire, and of the Circle of the Lower Saxony, with the double Title and Voice of a Prince.
Now altho Gustavus Adolphus Duke of Meckleburg, Nephew to Gustrow, has been formerly design'd Administrator of Ratzburg; yet because the benefit of their being restor'd to their Dutchies does not regard the Nephew less than the Uncle, it has been found equitable, that the Uncle having yielded Wismar, the Nephew in his turn should yield that Bishoprick. But on the said Duke Gustavus Adolphus, for that reason, by way of Recompence, shall be confer'd two Benefices or Canonicates, of those that according to the present Accommodation of Grievances stand affected to such as profess the Confession of Augsburg, one in the Cathedral Church of Magdeburg, and the other in that of Halberstadt, of the first that shall become vacant.
  [Art. XII,2 IPO # IPM] As to what next regards the two Canonicates, which are claim'd in the Cathedral Church of Strasburg; if from that Quarter any thing should fall to the share of the States of the Confession of Augsburg, by virtue of this present Transaction, the Revenue of two Canonicates shall be given out of those sort of Incomes to the Family of the Dukes of Meckleburg, however without any prejudice to the Catholicks. And if it should happen that the Male Branch of Schwerin should come to fail, while that of Gustrow subsists, then this last shall succeed to the other.  
  [Art. XII,3 IPO # IPM] For the greater Satisfaction of the said House of Meckleburg, there shall be yielded to him for ever the two Commendams of the Order of Knighthood of St. John of Jerusalem, Mirow and Nemeraw, situated in that Dutchy, by virtue of the Disposition express'd in the Vth Article, §. 9. till the Contests and Differences about Religion in the Empire shall have been accommodated, viz. Mirow to the Line of Schwerin, and Nemeraw to that of Gustrow, on this condition, that they shall be oblig'd to obtain themselves the Consent of the said Order, and pay to the same from thenceforth, as well as to the Elector of Brandenburg, as Patron thereof, the accustom'd Services, as often as shall be necessary and requisite.  
  [Art. XII,4 IPO # IPM] His Imperial Majesty shall likewise confirm to the said House the Customs upon the Elbe, formerly obtain'd for ever; with Exemption from the Contributions which shall for the future be rais'd in the Empire, excepting what relates to the Satisfaction of the Swedish Militia, until the Sum of three hundred thousand Rixdollars shall have been satisfy'd for.
The pretended Debt of Wingerschin shall also remain extinct, as contracted upon the account of the War, with the Processes and Decrees which have sprung from thence; so that the Dukes of Meckleburg, and the City of Hamburg, may not from henceforth be molested or disquieted upon that score.

Vertragstext 1648
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