Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 432-436.

englisch 1713


Artikel XIII IPO

  [Art. XIII,1 IPO # IPM] XIII. The Ducal Family of Brunswick and Lunenburg, having, in order the better to facilitate and establish the publick Peace, yielded the Coadjutories which it had obtain'd out of the Archbishopricks of Magdeburg and Bremen, and the Bishopricks of Halberstadt and Ratzburg, on condition, among other things, that to it should be granted the alternative Succession of the Bishoprick of Osnabrug with the Catholicks: His Imperial Majesty, who does not think it proper, in the present State of Affairs in the Empire, any longer to neglect or retard the publick Peace upon that score, consents and permits that this alternative Succession to the Bishoprick of Osnabrug shall take place between Catholick Bishops and those of the Confession of Augsburg, who shall however be presented by the Family of the Dukes of Brunswick and Lunenburg, so long as it subsists, and that in the manner, and on the Conditions following.  
  [Art. XIII,2 IPO # IPM] 1. Forasmuch as Gustavus Gustaveson, Count of Wassemberg, Senator of the Kingdom of Sweden, renounces all the Right which he had obtain'd, on occasion of the present War, over the Bishoprick of Osnabrug, and frees the States and Subjects of that Bishoprick from the Oath which they took to him: Therefore the Bishop Francis William, and his Successors, as also the Chapter, the States and Subjects of that Bishoprick, shall be oblig'd, by virtue of these Presents, to pay to the said Lord the Count, or his Order, in Hamburg, during the space of four years, the Sum of eighty thousand Rixdollars; so that they shall be oblig'd to pay to him or Order, in the City of Hamburg, twenty thousand Rixdollars each year: for the execution whereof, the publick Law of this Pacification shall give all Authority to all Acts given out against those that fail.  
  [Art. XIII,3 IPO # IPM] 2. The said Bishoprick of Osnabrug shall be entirely restor'd, with all its Appurtenances, as well Secular as Ecclesiastical, to the foresaid Bishop Francis William, who shall possess it in full Right, according as shall be stipulated by the Clauses of the invariable and perpetual Capitulation which shall be made upon that account, by the common Consent as well of the said Prince Francis William, as of the Princes of the House of Brunswick-Lunenburg, and the Capitularies of the Bishoprick of Osnabrug.  
  [Art. XIII,4 IPO # IPM] 3. As to what relates to the State of Religion, of Ecclesiasticks, as also the whole Clergy of the one and the other Religion, as well in the same City of Osnabrug, as in the other Countries, Towns, Burghs, Villages, and other places belonging to that Bishoprick, the whole shall remain and be settled in the same State it was on the 1st of January, 1624. And there shall be a Specification of all the Changes that shall be found to have been made since the said year 1624 (as well with regard to the Ministers of the Word of God, as of the Divine Worship) which shall be inserted in the foresaid Capitulation. And the Bishop shall promise to his Estates and Subjects, by Reversal or other Letters (after having receiv'd their Homage according to antient Form) to preserve their Rights and Privileges, and all other things besides, which shall be found necessary for the future Administration of the Bishoprick, and the Safety of the States and Subjects of both sides.  
  [Art. XIII,5 IPO # IPM] 4. The Bishop coming to die, Ernest Augustus Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg shall succeed him in the Bishoprick of Osnabrug, and shall from henceforth be design'd his Successor, by virtue of the present publick Peace; so that the Cathedral Chapter of Osnabrug, as also the States and Subjects of the Bishoprick shall be oblig'd, immediately after the Death or Resignation of the present Bishop, to receive for Bishop the said Duke Ernest Augustus; and for that end the foresaid States and Subjects shall be oblig'd within three months, reckoning from the day of the Conclusion of the Peace, to pay him the accustom'd Homage, in the manner above specify'd, upon the Conditions that shall be inserted in the perpetual Capitulation that is to be made with the Chapter;  
  [Art. XIII,6 IPO # IPM] and if Duke Ernest Augustus should not survive the present Bishop, the Chapter shall be bound, after the Death of the Bishop that now lives, to present another Prince of the Family of Duke George of Brunswick and Lunenburg, upon the Conditions that shall be contain'd in the unchangeable Capitulation that shall have been receiv'd, which shall be observ'd reciprocally and for ever. And if he should happen to die, or to resign voluntarily, the Chapter shall be oblig'd to chuse and present a Catholick Bishop; and if any neglect should happen among the Canons or Prebendaries, the Ordinance of the Canon Law, and the Custom of Germany shall take place in that case; saving however the perpetual Capitulation, and the present Transaction. Wherefore the alternative Succession between the Catholick Bishops, chosen by the Chapter, or otherwise presented, and those of the Confession of Augsburg (who shall only be the Descendants of the Family of the said Duke George) shall be admitted. And if there be several Princes of that Family, one of the younger Brothers shall be chosen and presented to that Bishoprick; and if the younger Brothers fail, one of the Princes Regent shall be chosen: and failing these also, the Posterity of Duke Augustus shall in fine succeed with the perpetual Alternative, as has been said, between that Family and the Catholicks.  
  [Art. XIII,7 IPO # IPM] 5. Not only the said Duke Ernest Augustus, but likewise all and every one of the Princes of the Family of the Dukes of Brunswick and Lunenburg, of the Confession of Augsburg, who shall alternately succeed to that Bishoprick, shall be oblig'd to preserve and defend (as has been settled above in the 3d Article, and as it shall be further settled in the perpetual Capitulation) the State of Religion, and of the Ecclesiasticks, as also of the whole Clergy, as well in the City of Osnabrug, as in the other Countries, Burghs, Hamlets, Villages and Towns, and all the other Places belonging to that Bishoprick.  
  [Art. XIII,8 IPO # IPM] 6. And to the end that in the Administration and Government of the Bishops of the Confession of Augsburg, there may arise no Difficulty or Confusion with regard to the Censure of Catholick Ecclesiasticks, nor with relation to the Usage and Administration of the Sacraments, according to the manner of the Church of Rome, nor with respect to other things which concern Order; the whole Disposal and Regulation of all that is mention'd above shall be reserv'd to the Archbishop of Cologne as Metropolitan, excluding those of the Confession of Augsburg as often as the alternative Succession shall fall upon a Prince of that Confession: But this only excepted, the other Rights of Sovereignty and Government, as well in Civil as in Criminal Matters, shall remain inviolably to the Bishop of the foresaid Confession, according to the Laws and Rules of the future Capitulation; and reciprocally, as often as a Catholick Bishop shall govern in the Bishoprick of Osnabrug, he shall not pretend or have any Right over the Ecclesiasticks of the Confession of Augsburg.  
  [Art. XIII,9 IPO # IPM] 7. That the Monastery or Provostship of Walkenried, whereof Christian Lewis Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg is present Administrator, be confer'd by the Emperor and Empire, with the Land of Schauven, in perpetual Right of Fee, upon the Dukes of Brunswick-Lunenburg, together with all their Appurtenances and Rights, to be possess'd by the Families of Brunswick-Lunenburg, in the same Order as above; the Right of Advocacy or Protection, and all the Pretensions of the Bishoprick of Halberstadt and County of H[oh]enstein, remaining entirely extinct and annul'd.  
  [Art. XIII,10 IPO # IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XIII,11 IPO # IPM] 8. As to the Debt contracted by Frederick Ulric Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg with the King of Denmark, and yielded by this last to his Imperial Majesty in a Treaty of Peace concluded at Lubeck, whereof a Gift was made to Count Tilly, General of the Imperial Army; the present Dukes of Brunswick-Lunenburg having represented, that for several Reasons they are not oblig'd to pay that Debt, and the Ambassadors and Plenipotentiaries of the Crown of Sweden having on their part likewise acted very vigorously in that Affair, it has been agreed, for the Good of the Peace, that that Debt shall remain extinct, and that the said Dukes shall be freed from any Obligation in this matter, as well as their Heirs and Estates.  
  [Art. XIII,12 IPO # IPM] 9. The Dukes of Brunswick-Lunenburg, of the Branch of Zell, having hitherto paid the annual Interest of twenty thousand Florins to the Chapter of Ratzburg, it has been resolv'd, that as the Alternative ceases at present, so the said annual Interests shall cease likewise, with the entire sinking of the Debt, and all other Obligations on that score.  
  [Art. XIII,13 IPO # IPM] 10. Two Prebendships in the Bishoprick of Strasburg, that shall become vacant first, shall be confer'd on the two Dukes, Anthony Ulric, and Ferdinand Albert, younger Sons of Augustus Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg, on condition that Duke Augustus shall renounce the Pretensions which he formerly had, or might have had upon the one or the other Canonicate.  
  [Art. XIII,14 IPO # IPM] 11. And in exchange the said Dukes shall renounce the Presentations and Coadjutorships of the Archbishopricks of Magdeburg and Bremen, as also of the Bishopricks of Halberstadt and Ratzburg; so that whatever has been regulated above in this Treaty of Peace touching these Archbishopricks and Bishopricks, shall have its full and entire Effect, without any contradiction on their part; the Chapters remaining in every respect in the same State that has been agreed upon above.  

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