Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 437-441.

englisch 1713


Artikel XV IPO

  [Art. XV,1 IPO = § 48 IPM] XV. As to the Affair of Hesse-Cassel, that which follows has been agreed upon.
1. In the first place, the Family of Hesse-Cassel, and all the Princes thereof, especially the Lady Amelia Elizabeth, Landgravine of Hesse, and Prince William her Son, and their Heirs, Ministers, Officers, Vassals, Subjects, and others ingag'd in their Service in any manner whatsoever, without any Exception, notwithstanding any Contracts, Processes, Prescriptions, Declarations, Sentences, Executions and Transactions to the contrary (all which, as well as Actions or Pretensions upon account of Damages or Injuries from Neutrals, and such as carry'd Arms, shall remain void and null) shall fully enjoy the General Amnesty formerly establish'd, with an entire Restitution, to take place from the Commencement of the War in Bohemia (except the hereditary Vassals and Subjects of his Imperial Majesty, and of the House of Austria, as it is regulated in the Paragraph, In fine all, &c.) as also all the Advantages flowing from that Amnesty, and the religious Peace, with the like Right that other States enjoy, as it is regulated in the Article which begins, With the common Consent also, etc.
  [Art. XV,2 IPO = § 49 IPM] 2. In the second place, the House of Hesse-Cassel, and the Successors thereof, shall keep the Abby of H[er]sfeld, with all its Appurtenances, Secular and Ecclesiastical, situated without or within its Territory (as the Provostship of Gelingen;) saving nevertheless the Rights which the House of Saxony has possess'd there time immemorial; and for that end they shall demand Investiture of his Imperial Majesty, as often as shall be requisite, and shall take an Oath of Fidelity for the same.  
  [Art. XV,3 IPO = § 50 IPM] 3. In the third place, the Right of Dominium directum et utile to the Bailliages of Schaumberg, Buckenburg, Saxenhagen and Stratthagen [!], formerly made over and adjudg'd to the Bishop of Minden, shall from henceforth belong to William Landgrave of Hesse, and his Successors fully and for ever, without any Dispute or Trouble from the said Bishop or any other; saving nevertheless the Transaction betwixt Christian Lewis Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg, the Landgrave of Hesse, and Philip Count of Lippe, the Convention between the said Landgrave and the said Count remaining likewise in its Force and Vigour.  
  [Art. XV,4 IPO = § 51 IPM] Moreover, it is agreed, That for the Restitution of the Places possess'd during this War, and by form of Indemnity, the Sum of six hundred thousand Rixdollars, of the Value and Goodness regulated by the last Imperial Constitutions, shall be paid, during the space of nine months, reckoning from the time of the Ratification of the Peace, to the Lady the Landgravine of Hesse, and her Son, or to her Successors Princes of Hesse, by the Archbishopricks of Mentz and Cologne, the Bishopricks of Paderborn and Munster, and the Abby of Fulde in the City of Cassel, at the Charge and Hazard of the Payers, without admitting any Exception or Pretext for hindring the promis'd Payment; and far less may any Arrest or Seizure be made of the Sum agreed.  
  [Art. XV,5 IPO = § 52 IPM] And to the end that my Lady the Landgravine of Hesse may be so much the better assur'd of Payment, she shall keep and retain, on the following Conditions, Nuys, Coesfeld and Newhauss, and have Garisons in those Places, which shall depend upon none but her self; but on this Condition, That besides the Officers and others necessary for the Garisons, those of the three foremention'd Places shall not exceed the number of twelve hundred Foot and a hundred Horse, leaving to my Lady Landgravine the Disposal of the number of the Cavalry and Infantry which she shall please to put into each of these Places, and what Governours she shall appoint.  
  [Art. XV,6 IPO = § 53 IPM] The Garisons shall be maintain'd according to the Order commonly observ'd hitherto in the Maintenance of the Officers and Soldiers of Hesse; and whatever shall be necessary for keeping up the Fortresses, shall be furnish'd by the Archbishopricks and Bishopricks, in which the said Fortresses and Towns are situated, without diminution of the Sum afore-mention'd. It shall be lawful for the said Garisons to distrain the Recusants and Negligent, but not beyond the due Sum. In the mean time, the Rights of Souvereignty, and the Jurisdiction both in Ecclesiasticals and Temporals, as also the Revenue of the said Fortresses and Towns, shall be preserv'd for the Lord the Archbishop of Cologn.  
  [Art. XV,7-9 IPO = §§ 54-55 IPM] But so soon as three hundred thousand Rixdollars shall have been paid to my Lady Landgravine after the Ratification of the Peace, she shall render up Nuys, and keep only Coesfeld and Newhauss; however she shall not put the Garison that goes out of Nuys into Coesfeld and Newhauss, nor demand any thing upon that account: nor shall the Garison of Coesfeld exceed the number of six hundred Foot and fifty Horse, or that of Newhauss the number of a hundred Foot. And if the whole Sum be not paid to my Lady Landgravine within the space of nine months, not only Coesfeld and Newhauss shall remain in her hands till the entire Payment thereof, but likewise she shall receive Interest for the rest of the Sum at the rate of 5 per Cent. till the whole shall have been paid off: And the Treasurers and Receivers of the Bailliages belonging to the said Archbishopricks, Dutchies and Abbeys, and the Places contiguous to the Principality of Hesse, which shall stand good for the Payment of the said Interests, shall oblige themselves by Oath to my Lady Landgravine to pay her out of the Mony they receive the annual Interests of the remaining Sum, even altho their Masters should forbid it.
And if the Treasurers and Receivers delay Payment, or employ the Revenues otherwise, my Lady Landgravine may use all means to constrain them to make Payment; the other Rights of the Master or Proprietor remaining in their first state. But so soon as my Lady Landgravine shall have receiv'd the whole Sum with the Arrears of the Garison, she shall restore the forenam'd Places kept by her as a Security, the Interests shall cease, and the Treasurers and Receivers shall be free of their Oath.
As to the Bailliages, out of the Revenue of which, Interest shall have been paid in case of Delay, that shall be provisionally agreed before the Ratification of the Peace; which Agreement shall be of equal force with this present Treaty of Peace.
  [Art. XV,10-11 IPO = § 56(1)-(2) IPM] Besides the Places which shall be left to my Lady Landgravine by way of Security, as has been said, and which shall be given up by her after Payment; she shall restore in the mean while, immediately after the Ratification of the Peace, all the Provinces and Bishopricks, and all their Towns, Bailliages, Burghs, Fortresses, Forts; and in fine, all the immovable Goods and Rights by her occupy'd during these Wars: but so that not only my Lady Landgravine and her said Heirs shall get back all the Ammunitions and Provisions that she shall have put into these three cautionary Places, and in the others to be restor'd by her (for as to such Ammunitions and Provisions that she has not brought, but found there when she was put in possession of the said Places, and which are yet there, they shall remain in the said Places) but also the Fortifications and Ramparts that have been rais'd during the time of her possessing these Places, shall be destroy'd and demolish'd; but the Towns, Burghs, Castles and Fortresses, shall not be expos'd to Invasion and Pillage.  
  [Art. XV,12 ± § 57 IPM] And altho my Lady Landgravine has not exacted any thing of any Person upon the account of Restitution and Indemnity, unless from the Archbishopricks of Mentz and Cologn, the Bishopricks of Paderborn and Munster, and the Abbey of Fulde, nor desires that any thing should be paid her by any other upon that score; yet considering the Equity and State of Affairs, the Assembly has thought good, without prejudice to the Regulation in a preceding Paragraph, which begins, Moreover, it has been agreed, etc. that all the other States whatsoever on this or the other side the Rhine, which have paid Contribution to the Hessians since the first of March this Year, shall furnish, in proportion of the Contribution by them paid during that whole time, their Quota to the said Archbishopricks, Bishopricks and Abbey, to make up the above-mention'd Sum, and for the Maintenance of the Garisons: And if any one suffer Damage by the Delay of others Payment, the Delayers shall be oblig'd to repair the same; and the Officers and Soldiers of his Imperial Majesty, of the most Christian King [!], and of the Lady Landgravine of Hesse, shall not hinder their being constrain'd thereto. Nor shall it be lawful for the Hessians to exempt any one in prejudice of this Declaration, but such as shall have paid their Quota shall from henceforth be exempted of all Charges.  
  [Art. XV,13 IPO = § 58 IPM] As to what concerns the Differences between the Houses of Hesse-Cassel and Darmstadt, touching the Succession of Marburg, seeing they were entirely accommodated on the 14th of April last, by the unanimous Consent of both Parties; it has been thought good, that that Transaction with all its Clauses, Appurtenances, and Dependencies, as it was made and sign'd at Cassel by the interested Parties, and represented in this Assembly, shall in virtue of the present Treaty have the same force as if it was inserted therein word for word, and that it may not be infring'd by the Parties contracting, nor by any other upon any pretence, whether of Contract, Oath, or any other thing; but that it shall be exactly observ'd by all, altho any of such as are interested should perhaps refuse to confirm it.  
  [Art. XV,14 IPO = § 59 IPM] In like manner the Transaction betwixt the late William Landgrave of Hesse, Christian and Wolrad Counts of Waldeck, made the 11th of April 1635. and ratify'd by George Landgrave of Hesse the 14th of April 1648. shall have full and perpetual Force by virtue of this Pacification, and shall equally oblige all the Princes of Hesse, and all the Counts of Waldeck.  
  [Art. XV,15 IPO = § 60 IPM] That the Right of Primogeniture introduc'd into the House of Hesse-Cassel, and that of Darmstadt, shall remain firm, and be inviolably observ'd.  

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