Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 441-445.

englisch 1713


Artikel XVI IPO

  [Art. XVI,1 IPO = § 98(1) IPM] XVI. So soon as the Treaty of Peace shall have been subscrib'd and sign'd by the Plenipotentiaries and Ambassadors, all Acts of Hostility shall cease, and whatever things have been agreed above, shall at the same time be executed and perform'd on both sides.  
  [Art. XVI,2 IPO = § 100 IPM] In the first place, the Emperor himself shall cause to be publish'd Edicts thro the whole Empire, and precisely command those who are oblig'd by these Conventions and this present Transaction to restore and accomplish, without fail or delay, all that they are bound to restore and accomplish, and to execute, between the time of the Conclusion and that of the Ratification of the Peace, the things that have been transacted; enjoining the Princes Directors and the Colonels of the Circles to procure and cause to be executed the Restitution of every one, according to the Order of Execution, and of these Compacts, at the Request of those who are to be restor'd.
In like manner, this Clause shall be inserted in the said Edicts, That because the Directors of a Circle, or the Colonel of the Militia, are not thought so proper to do this Execution in their own proper Cause and Restitution; in that case (and if perhaps the said Directors, or Colonel of the Militia, should refuse the Commission) the Princes Directors, and Colonels of the neighbouring Circle, shall acquit themselves of the said Commission of Execution, with respect to other Circles, at the request of those who are to be restor'd.
  [Art. XVI,3 IPO = § 101(1) IPM] And also if any one that is to be restor'd should stand in need of the Emperor's Commissaries to support and strengthen the Act of any Restitution, Payment, or Execution (which shall be at the Choice and Option of the Person to be restor'd) they shall be given immediately;  
  [Art. XVI,4 IPO = § 101(2) IPM] and in that case, and the more to hasten the Accomplishment of the things agreed above, it shall be lawful for those who are to restore, as well as for those who are to be restor'd, to name two or three Commissioners of either side, immediately after the Conclusion and Signing of the Peace, out of which his Imperial Majesty shall chuse one, whom those who are to be restor'd shall name, and likewise one out of those whom they who are to restore shall name; but so as there may be an equal number of both Religions, whom he shall appoint to execute without delay whatever ought to be effected by virtue of the present Transaction. And if those who ought to restore shall neglect to name Commissioners, then his Imperial Majesty shall chuse one of those whom the Party to be restor'd shall have nam'd, and add another at his pleasure, always in an equal number of both Religions, whom he shall appoint to execute the Commission, notwithstanding the Opposition and Contradiction of the adverse Party; and those who are to be restor'd shall notify to those who are to make Restitution, immediately after the Conclusion of the Peace, the Tenor of the things which have been transacted.  
  [Art. XVI,5 IPO = § 102 IPM] In fine, all and every the States, Communities, or particular Persons, whether Ecclesiasticks or Secular, who by virtue of the present Transaction, and the general Rules therein laid down, or of any particular and express Regulation, are oblig'd to restore, yield, give, do or fulfil any thing, shall be oblig'd immediately after the Publication of the Imperial Edicts, and after Notification of that which ought to be restor'd, to yield, give, restore, do and fulfil all that they are bound to, without Resistance, Opposition, or Allegation of any Prohibition, general or special saving Clause, inserted above in the Amnesty, and without any other Exception, as also without doing any damage to any one;  
  [Art. XVI,6 IPO = § 103 IPM] and for that effect no State or Garison, nor any other whatsoever, shall oppose the Execution of the Directors, or Colonels of the Militia of the Circles, or of the Commissioners, but on the contrary shall give Assistance to the Executors against those who shall endeavour in any manner to hinder the said Execution. It shall also be lawful for them to make use of their own Force for that end, or the Force of those whom they are to put in possession.  
  [Art. XVI,7 IPO = § 104 IPM] All the Prisoners of both sides, whether of the Sword or of the Gown, without any distinction, shall afterwards be set at liberty in the manner that the Generals have agreed or shall agree, with Consent of his Imperial Majesty.  
  [Art. XVI,8 IPO # IPM] Last of all, as to what regards the disbanding of the Swedish Soldiery, all the Electors, Princes, States, and the free Nobility of the Empire of the seven following Circles, viz. the Circle of the four Electors of the Rhine, of Upper Saxony, of Franconia, of Swabia, of the Upper Rhine, of Westphalia, of the Lower Saxony (saving their Suit which has been usual hitherto in the like cases, and their Liberty and Exemption for the future) shall be oblig'd to contribute the Sum of five Millions of Rixdollars in good Specie current in the Empire, in three Terms; in the first Term, that of one Million eight hundred thousand Rixdollars, which the States shall pay every one according to their Quota, viz. the States of the Circle of the Electors of the Rhine, and those of the Circle of the Upper Rhine, at Frankfort on the Main; those of the Circle of Upper Saxony, at Leipsick or Brunswick; those of the Circle of Franconia at Nuremberg; those of the Circle of Swabia at Ulm; those of the Circle of Westphalia at Bremen or Munster; and those of the Circle of the Lower Saxony at Hamburg. And in order the more easily to obtain the Payment of that Sum, it shall be lawful for those who are to be restor'd according to the Amnesty, that is to say, for the true Lords and Proprietors (not the present Possessors) to impose and levy upon their Subjects the Quota which they are to pay immediately after the Conclusion of the Peace, and even before Restitution shall have been made; nor shall the present Possessors give any hindrance when these Contributions shall be exacted. Likewise the Sum of twelve hundred thousand Rixdollars shall be paid the first Term, in Assignments upon certain Estates, upon reasonable Conditions, and to which each State shall agree bona fide, in the space betwixt the Conclusion and Ratification of the Peace.  
  [Art. XVI,9 IPO # IPM] After which Convention and Exchange of the Ratifications of the present Treaty, the said eight hundred thousand Rixdollars shall be paid, the Disbanding of the Soldiery and the Evacuation of Places shall be finish'd at the same time, and in equal proportion, without any impediment or hindrance being given upon any account whatsoever. In the mean time, immediately after the Conclusion of the Peace all Contributions and Exactions whatsoever shall cease; saving however the Subsistence of the Garisons and other Troops, which shall be agreed upon reasonable Conditions; saving likewise to the States that shall have paid their share, or who shall have amicably accommodated the same with the proper Officers, the liberty of demanding Satisfaction for the Damages which they may have suffer'd by their Neighbour States delaying to pay their Quota.
And as for the second and third Payments, the foresaid States of the seven Circles shall pay bona fide in the Cities above-mention'd to the Ministers thereto deputed, and empower'd by her Majesty of Sweden, the first Moiety of two Millions at the end of the next Year, reckoning from the disbanding of the Troops, and the other Moiety at the end of the following Year; the whole in Rixdollars, or other current Mony of the Empire. And whereas the said seven Circles are only oblig'd to pay the Swedish Soldiery, without any Pretension by any other, so all the Electors, Princes, and States of these Circles shall pay their share only conformably to the Matricula and Usage receiv'd in each place, and upon the Terms of Specification thereupon deliver'd.
  [Art. XVI,10 IPO # IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,11 IPO # IPM] As to the Circles of Austria and Bavaria (the States of the Empire having promis'd to his Imperial Majesty in this present Assembly, that in the first Dyet of the Empire they would give a Succour out of the Imposts of the Empire, for the Expence of the War which it hath suffer'd till this time) the Circle of Austria hath been exempted from other Charges, and reserv'd for the Payment of the Emperor's own Army, and the Circle of Bavaria for the Militia. The Imposts and Taxes in the Circle of Austria shall remain at the disposal of his Imperial Majesty. But in that of Bavaria the same manner of taxing and paying shall be observ'd, as is observ'd in the other Circles; and the Execution of the same shall be as in the other Circles, according to the Constitutions of the Empire.  
  [Art. XVI,12 IPO # IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,13 IPO ± § 105 IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,14(1) IPO ± § 106(1) IPM, Art. XVI,14(2) IPO ± § 107 IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,15 IPO = § 108(1) IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,16 IPO = § 108(2) IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,17 IPO = § 109(1) IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,18 IPO = § 109(2) IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,19 IPO = § 110 IPM] Fehlt.  
  [Art. XVI,20 IPO ~ § 99 IPM] Fehlt.  

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