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Frequency of entry in the text (statistical overview)


  Search function depends on the use of a keyword (search term). Special signs ä ö ü ß § " - . , ; : as well as any sign used in Latin can be displayed.
Use * or + in the beginning, middle or end of the word to search for variations on a keyword:
- * stands for an arbitrary order of signs (none, one or several of them),
- + stands for only one arbitrary sign.
Spaces preceding or following the search term are removed during the search process.
Search function does not distinguish between capital and small initial letters.
Examples of the correct use of the search function are given in the margin.

Through "Choice of Text", the search can be limited to particular passages of the documents.

"Search Results" can display its entries either by distinguishing between the various contexts in the Latin documents or by presenting a statistical overview of the frequency with which the entry is used in the Latin documents.

Either way of presenting the search results enables you to get direct access to the texts of the IPO and IPM. Entries are marked in colour.
Search Term Search Result (Examples)
qui qui
qui* qui
*qui* qui
qu*dam quidam
mult+ multi