Signs and Abbreviations

  APW Acta Pacis Westphalicae  
  Bearb. arranged and commented  
  BL British Library  
  BnF Bibliothèque nationale de France  
  Hrsg. editor, published  
  IPM Instrumentum Pacis Monasteriensis (Treaty with France from October 24th, 1648)  
  IPO Instrumentum Pacis Osnabrugensis (Treaty with Sweden from October 24th, 1648)  
  KB Kungliga Biblioteket  
  s. see  
  S. page  
  s.l. sine loco  
  u.a. et. al.  
  zit. cited as  
  <<...>> text not found in the documents of the IPO and IPM from October 24th, 1648.  
  <xyz> text which is difficult to read  
  [!] passage raising difficulties as to grammar or meaning  
  [xyz] replaced or added letter/text  
  = identical (or minimally modified) wording  
  IPM reference to IPO  
  IPM reference to IPO  
  ± in IPO and IPM mutatis mutandis identical (or minimally modified) wording. The differences arise depending on whether French – German/Empire or Swedish – German/Empire relations are taken into account. (For details see APW III B 1/1, 2 and 96). APW III B 1 uses an equivalence sign with circumflex accent instead.  
  ÷ in both IPO and IPM similar content, but different wording. APW III B 1 uses the approximate equivalence sign instead.  
  ~ in both IPO and IPM identical or similar theme but different content or wording.  
  # not mentioned in IPO or IPM. APW III B 1 uses an inequivalence sign instead.