Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 417-419.

englisch 1713


Artikel VIII IPO

  [Art. VIII,1 IPO = § 62 IPM] VIII. And in order to prevent for the future all Differences in the Political State, all and every the Electors, Princes, and States of the Roman Empire shall be so establish'd and confirm'd in their antient Rights, Prerogatives, Liberties, Privileges, free Exercise of their Territorial Right, as well in Spirituals and Temporals, Seigneuries, Regalian Rights, and in the possession of all these things, by virtue of the present Transaction, that they may not be molested at any time in any manner, under any pretext whatsoever.  
  [Art. VIII,2 IPO = § 63 IPM] 1. That they enjoy without contradiction the Right of Suffrage in all Deliberations touching the Affairs of the Empire, especially in the matter of interpreting Laws, resolving upon a War, imposing Taxes, ordering Levies and quartering of Soldiers, building for the publick Use new Fortresses in the Lands of the States, and reinforcing old Garisons, making of Peace and Alliances, and treating of other such- like Affairs; so that none of those or the like things shall be done or receiv'd afterwards, without the Advice and Consent of a free Assembly of all the States of the Empire :
That, above all, each of the Estates of the Empire shall freely and for ever enjoy the Right of making Alliances among themselves, or with Foreigners, for the Preservation and Security of every one of them: provided nevertheless that these Alliances be neither against the Emperor nor the Empire, nor the publick Peace, nor against this Transaction especially; and that they be made without prejudice in every respect to the Oath whereby every one of them is bound to the Emperor and the Empire.
  [Art. VIII,3 IPO = § 64 IPM] 2. That the States of the Empire assemble within the space of six Months, counting from the Date of the Ratification of the Peace, and after that as often as the publick Interest and Necessity shall require; That in the first Dyet they correct especially the Faults of preceding Assemblies; and moreover, that they treat and regulate the Election of King of the Romans, the Imperial Capitulation, which ought to be reduc'd to Terms that cannot be chang'd, the Manner and Order that ought to be observ'd in putting one or more of the States under the Bann of the Empire, besides what has been formerly declar'd in the Imperial Constitutions; That they treat there also of the Re-establishment of the Circles, of the Renewal of the Matricula, of the means of inserting in it the Names of such as have been taken out, of moderating and lowering the Taxes of the Empire, of the Reformation of the Policy, and Law of the Fees that are paid to the Imperial Chamber, of the best manner of forming and instructing the ordinary Deputies according to the Necessity and Advantage of the Commonwealth, of the true Business and Duty of the Directors of the Colleges of the Empire, and of other such-like Affairs which cannot be specify'd here.  
  [Art. VIII,4 IPO = § 65 IPM] 3. That the free Towns of the Empire have a decisive Voice in the general and particular Dyets, as well as the other States of the Empire; and that their Regalian Rights, annual Revenues, the Liberties and Privileges of Confiscation, and imposing of Duties, may not be touch'd or meddled with, nor any thing that depends thereupon, nor any other Rights which they have legally obtain'd of the Emperor and the Empire, or which they have possess'd and exercis'd by a long Usage before these Troubles, with an entire Jurisdiction within the Inclosure of their Walls and Territories; whatsoever has been hitherto done or attempted to the contrary by Reprisals, Arrests, stopping up of Passages, and other prejudicial Acts, by private Authority during the War, upon any pretext whatsoever, or which may afterwards be done or executed without any pretended Formality of Law, remaining for that effect void and null, and forbidden for the future. For the rest, all the laudable Customs, Constitutions, and fundamental Laws of the Empire, shall for the future be strictly kept and observ'd, and all the Confusions and Disorders that have crept in during the War, shall be remov'd.  
  [Art. VIII,5 IPO = § 66 IPM] 4. As to an equitable and proper Method, whereby legal Actions against Debtors ruin'd by the Calamities of War, or burden'd with too great Interests, may be terminated with moderation, to obviate greater Inconveniences which might arise from thence, and which might endan[ger] the publick Tranquillity; his Imperial Majesty shall take care to have and collect the Advices and Opinions of the Aulick Council, as well as of the Imperial Chamber, to the end they may be propos'd in the next Dyet, and that a certain Constitution may be form'd thereupon. That in the mean while, in Causes of this nature, which shall be carry'd to the superior Tribunals of the Empire, or the particular Tribunals of the States, the Reasons and Circumstances that shall be alledg'd by the Parties be weigh'd, and that none be hurt by immoderate Executions; but all this without prejudice to the Constitution of Holstein.  

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