Englische anonyme Übersetzung des IPO (1713)
A General Collection Of Treatys, Manifesto's, Contracts of Marriage, Renunciations, and other Publick Papers, from the Year 1495, to the Year 1712. Vol. II Containing ... With an Introduction, giving some Account of this Work. The second Edition. London: J.J. und P. Knapton, J. Darby u.a. 1732 (7: 8° J. gent. 136i), 420-425.

englisch 1713


Artikel X IPO

  [Art. X,1 IPO # IPM] X. Next, the most Serene Queen of Sweden having demanded Satisfaction to be made her for the Restitution which she is oblig'd to make of the Places by her occupy'd during this War, and that lawful means might be provided for re- establishing publick Peace in the Empire; his Imperial Majesty for that effect, with the Consent of the Electors, Princes, and States of the Empire, and particularly of those concern'd, yields to the said most Serene Queen, her Heirs and Successors, by virtue of the present Transaction, the following Provinces, in full Right and perpetual and immediate Fief of the Empire.  
  [Art. X,2 IPO # IPM] 1. All the hither Pomerania, commonly call'd Vor-Pommeren, together with the Isle of Rugen, included in the Limits wherein they were bounded under the last Dukes of Pomerania. Besides, in further Pomerania, the Towns of Stetin, Garts, Dam, Golnau, and the Isle of Wolin, with the River Oder, and the Arm of the Sea commonly call'd the Frischchauff [!]. Likewise the three Mouths of Peine, Swine, and Divenow, and the adjacent Land on both sides, beginning at the Royal Territory, and reaching to the Baltick Sea, in such an Extent on the Eastern Bank, as shall be amicably agreed betwixt the Royal and Electoral Commissioners, who shall be nam'd for the more exact Regulation of the Limits and the other Particulars.  
  [Art. X,3 IPO # IPM] Her Majesty and the Kingdom of Sweden shall hold and possess from henceforth and for ever, in hereditary Fief, the said Dutchy of Pomerania, and the Principality of Rugen, and shall enjoy and make use of them freely and inviolably, together with the Domains and Places annex'd, and all the Territories, Bailliages, Towns, Castles, Burghs, Villages, Hamlets, Fiefs, Rivers, Isles, Lakes, Banks, Ports, Roads, antient Tolls and Revenues, and all other Goods whatsoever Ecclesiastical and Secular; as also the Titles, Dignities, Immunities, Preeminencies and Prerogatives, and all the other Rights and Privileges, Ecclesiastical and Secular, in the same manner that the former Dukes of Pomerania had, possess'd, and govern'd them.  
  [Art. X,4 IPO # IPM] Her Royal Majesty and the Kingdom of Sweden shall also have for the future for ever all the Right which the Dukes of hither Pomerania had in the Collation of the Dignities and Prebendaries of the Chapter of Camin, with power to extinguish them, and incorporate them into the Ducal Domain after the Death of the present Prebends: but as to what of these belong'd to the Dukes of further Pomerania, that shall remain to the Elector of Brandenburg, with the entire Bishoprick of Camin, its Lands, Duties and Dignities, as shall be more amply explain'd afterwards.
The Royal Family of Sweden, and the Electoral Family of Brandenburg, shall use the Titles, Dignities and Arms of Pomerania, without any distinction, as the former Dukes of Pomerania us'd them; the Royal Family for ever, and that of Brandenburg so long as there shall remain any Descendants of the Male Line: but yet the Family of Brandenburg must not lay any claim to the Principality of Rugen, nor to any other Right upon the Places yielded to the Crown of Sweden. But the Male Line of the Family of Brandenburg coming to fail, all others except Sweden shall abstain from taking the Titles and Arms of Pomerania; and then also the whole further Pomerania, together with the hither Pomerania, and the whole Bishoprick, and entire Chapter of Camin, together with all the Rights and Dependencies of the former Possessors that shall be united thereto, shall for ever belong to the Kings and Crown of Sweden only, who in the mean time shall enjoy the Benefits of an apparent Succession and simultaneous Investiture, so that they shall be oblig'd to give the accustom'd Assurance to the States and Subjects of the said Places for the Performance of Homage.
  [Art. X,5 IPO # IPM] The Elector of Brandenburg, and all others concern'd, discharge the States, Officers and Subjects of all the said Places of the Tyes and Oaths by which they have hitherto been engag'd to him and those of his Family, and remit them for the future to pay their Homage and Services in the accustom'd manner to her Majesty and the Crown of Sweden. And thus they constitute, for that effect, the Crown of Sweden in full Power and Possession of the things abovesaid, renouncing from henceforth and for ever all the Pretensions which they had thereto; which they will here confirm for them and their Descendants by a particular Act.  
  [Art. X,6 IPO # IPM] 2. The Emperor, with the Consent of the whole Empire, yields also to the most Serene Queen, and her Heirs and Successors, and to the Kingdom of Sweden, in perpetual and immediate Fief of the Empire, the Town and Port of Wismar, with the Port of Walfisch, as also the Bailliage of Poel (except the Villages of Schedorf, Weidendorf, Brandenhusen, and Wangern, belonging to the Hospitals of the Holy Ghost in Lubeck) and that of Newencloster, with all their Rights and Appurtenances, in the same manner that the Dukes of Mecklenburg have possess'd them to this day; so that all the said Places, the entire Port, and the Land of both sides, from the Town to the Baltick Sea, shall remain at the free disposal of her Majesty, to be fortify'd and strengthen'd with Garisons according to her good pleasure, and the Exigency of Circumstances (but at her own Charges) that so she may always have there a safe Retreat for her Ships and Fleet: besides, she may enjoy and use the same with the like Right that belongs to her in her other Fiefs of the Empire; saving nevertheless the Privileges and Commerce of the Town of Wismar, which will be more and more increas'd by the Royal Protection and Favour of the Kings of Sweden.  
  [Art. X,7 IPO # IPM] 3. The Emperor, with Consent of the whole Empire, likewise yields, by virtue of the present Transaction, to the most Serene Queen, and her Heirs and Successors being Kings, and to the Crown of Sweden, in Fief perpetual and immediate of the Empire, the Archbishoprick of Bremen, and Bishoprick of Werden, with the Town and Bailliage of Wilshusen, and the whole Right that did belong to the late Archbishops of Bremen over the Chapter and Diocess of Hamburg: saving however to the House of Holstein, as well as to the City and Chapter of Hamburg respectively, their Rights, Privileges, Liberties, Compacts, Possessions, and present State in all things; so that the fourteen Villages of the Bailliages of Trittou and Rheinbeck in Holstein shall remain for ever to Frederick Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and his Posterity, instead of a present annual Revenue: and the said Archbishoprick, Bishoprick, and Bailliages, shall be for ever in the possession of the said Crown, with all the Rights Ecclesiastical and Secular thereto belonging, what name soever they go by, in whatever place they be situated, in the Sea or on Land, with the usual Arms, however under the Title of a Dutchy: The Chapters and other Ecclesiastical Colleges remaining for the future depriv'd of the Right of Election or Presentation, and of all other Right, Administration, or Government of Lands belonging to those Dutchies.  
  [Art. X,8 IPO # IPM] The Town of Bremen, its Territory and Subjects shall be left without any Trouble or Hind[r]ance in their present State, Freedoms, Rights and Privileges, in Ecclesiastical and Political Matters. And if they should chance to have any Contests with the Bishoprick or Dutchy, or with the Chapters, they shall be amicably terminated, or decided in a legal way; saving in the mean time to each of the Parties the Possession they are in at present.  
  [Art. X,9 IPO # IPM] 4. The Emperor and the Empire do receive, upon the account of all the foresaid Provinces and Fiefs, for an immediate State of the Empire, the most Serene Queen and her Successors to the Crown of Sweden, so that the foresaid Queen and the said Kings shall from henceforth be call'd to the Imperial Dyets with the other States of the Empire, under the Title of Dukes of Bremen, Werden, and Pomerania, as well as under that of Princes of Rugen, and Lords of Wismar; and there shall be assign'd them a Seat in the Imperial Assemblies in the College of Princes upon the Bench of the Seculars in the fifth place, viz. for Bremen, in that same place and Order; but for that of Werden and Pomerania, the Places shall be regulated according to the antient Order of the former Predecessors.  
  [Art. X,10 IPO # IPM] Moreover, in the Circle of the Upper Saxony, immediately before the Dukes of further Pomerania; and in the Circles of Westphalia and the Lower Saxony, in the ordinary place and manner: However, the Directorship of the Circle of the Lower Saxony shall be exercis'd by the Dukes or Archbishops of Magdeburg and Bremen alternately, without prejudice however to the contradictory Right of the Dukes of Brunswick and Lunenburg.  
  [Art. X,11 IPO # IPM] As to the Assemblies of the Deputies of the Empire, her Majesty of Sweden and his Electoral Highness of Brandenburg shall have their Deputies there in the accustom'd manner: But because there belongs but one Voice only to both the Pomerania's, it shall always be given by her Majesty, after having first communicated with the Elector of Brandenburg.  
  [Art. X,12 IPO # IPM] In fine, the Emperor and the Empire yield and grant to the said Queen and the Crown of Sweden, in all and every their Fiefs, the Privilege of not appealing, provided she shall establish, in a commodious place in Germany, a Tribunal, or Instance of Appeal, where she will put Persons capable of administring to every one Right and Justice according to the Constitutions of the Empire, and the Statutes of each place, without Appeal, or Removal of Causes.
On the contrary, if it should fall out that the Kings of Sweden, as Dukes of Bremen, Werden, and Pomerania, and as Princes of Rugen, or Lords of Wismar, should legally appeal for any one, in a Cause concerning these Provinces; his Imperial Majesty leaves them at liberty to chuse what Tribunal they please, whether it be the Aulick Court or the Imperial Chamber, there to bring the Suit commenc'd. They shall however be oblig'd to declare in three months after the day of the Declaration of the Difference, what Court they will appeal to.
  [Art. X,13 IPO # IPM] He likewise gives over to her Majesty of Sweden, the Right of erecting an Acacemy or University, where and when she shall think proper;
and also grants to her, by perpetual Right, the modern Tolls, commonly call'd Licences, upon the Coasts and in the Ports of Pomerania and Meckleburg, provided they be reduc'd to so moderate a Tax, that Commerce may not thereby be interrupted in those parts.
  [Art. X,14 IPO # IPM] And finally, he discharges the States, Magistrates, Officers and Subjects of the said Provinces respectively from all Tyes and Oaths, whereby they have been hitherto engag'd to the preceding Lords, Possessors or Pretenders; and remits and obliges them to pay Subjection, Obedience and Fidelity to her Majesty and the Crown of Sweden, as being from this day the hereditary Owner of these Provinces: and thus constitutes Sweden in full and lawful Possession of all these things, promising upon his Imperial Word and Faith to give and yield not only to the Queen reigning at present, but also to all the future Kings, and the Crown of Sweden, all Security with relation to the said Provinces, Goods, and Rights yielded and granted, and to preserve and maintain them inviolably against all Persons whatsoever, in the peaceable possession of those Provinces, and to confirm the whole in the best Form, by particular Letters of Investiture.  
  [Art. X,15 IPO # IPM] The most Serene Queen, the future Kings, and the Crown of Sweden, shall reciprocally acknowledg, that they hold all and every the foresaid Fiefs of his Imperial Majesty and the Empire; and upon that score shall demand, as often as shall be requisite, the Renewal of the Investitures, taking the Oath of Fidelity, and all that is thereto annex'd, like the former Possessors, and like Vassals of the Empire.  
  [Art. X,16 IPO # IPM] For the rest, they shall confirm, in the accustom'd manner (at the Renewal and Performance of Homage) to the States and Subjects of the said Provinces and Places, particularly those of Stralsond, their Liberty, Goods, Rights and Privileges, common and particular, lawfully obtain'd or acquir'd by long Usage, with the free Exercise of the Evangelick Religion, to be enjoy'd by them for ever, according to the pure and true Confession of Augsburg. They shall also preserve to the Hanseatick Towns, which are in those Provinces, the same Liberty and Freedom of Navigation and Commerce, which they ever had till the present War, as well in foreign Kingdoms, Republicks and Provinces, as in the Empire.  

Vertragstext 1648
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